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Best Practices for Agent Upgrades

Best Practices for Agent Upgrades




Would like an overview of best practices for agent deployment in parallel with a server upgrade.


Concerned about potential issues that could arise during an agent roll out that can be avoided.


It is best practice to wait for agents to be completely up to date before initiating an upgrade. This is due to the fact that after upgrading the server, there are new rules that need to make their way down to the clients (like the Windows Update rules). If you upgrade the server there is a backlog of CL traffic due to the brief "down time" of the Parity server. Thus, it is ideal to wait until the agents have had time to get caught up with the server.

Some features may not work as expected until the agent is back up to date. To confirm this, the agent's config list value must match the server's.

You can view this on the computer details page of the console, or via a "dascli status" command.

Do not upgrade all agents at the same time. Upgrade a few at a time to help reduce potential backlog

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