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Bit9 Agent install hangs on Windows XP or windows 7

Bit9 Agent install hangs on Windows XP or windows 7

All versions of Bit9 Agent on Windows XP or Windows 7

When installing an agent, the installation hangs: "Time remaining: 2 seconds." (seconds may differ).


Agent logs contain:

1: <Bit9 Log> INFO: PnP Manager busy, waiting until it processed the pending install events.

1: <Bit9 Log> INFO: User requesting to cancel install...
1: <Bit9 Log> INFO: Install cancelled due to user request while waiting for busy PnP Manager on pending install events.

A registry key has to be manually modified to it's correct value. The registry key is typically chnaged during a Windows related operation (windows updates, sysprep, for example). It appears one of these actions was interrupted somehow and the key never reverted back to its original state. The solution is to modify the key to its original state.


1. Open regedit.exe

2. Navigate to this key: HKLM\System\Setup

3. Find a key present named "FactoryPreInstallInProgress"

4. If it's currently set to 1, set it to 0.

5. Reboot Windows XP machine and attempt the install again


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