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Carbon Black Cloud: How To Verify Device Name With Only DeviceID

Carbon Black Cloud: How To Verify Device Name With Only DeviceID


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: All Versions
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions
  • Apple macOS: All Supported Versions


Confirm the Device Name associated with a given DeviceID


There are at least two ways to accomplish this task

Sensor Management Page

  1. Go to the Endpoints page
  2. Set the Status filter to All (in order to show all devices in your system which have not been deleted)
  3. Search for the DeviceID using the following search term (case sensitive)
  4. Enter the DeviceID after the search term above
  5. Hit Enter
  6. The Sensor will be displayed (as long as it has not been deleted from the PSC Console)

Investigate Page

  1. Go to the Endpoints page in a new tab or window
  2. Click on the name of any device (this redirects you to the investigate page filtered for that DeviceID)
  3. Find the [deviceId]={DeviceID} and [DEVICE_ID][0]={DeviceID} and replace them both with the desired DeviceID
  4. Hit Enter
  5. The Investigate page will reload showing information for the desired DeviceID and will display the appropriate Device Name as well

Additional Notes

  • {DeviceID} indicates a variable to be replaced with the applicable value
  • The Audit Log will typically display the DeviceID and not the Computer/Device/Machine Name
  • The steps above can be used to confirm which device relates to the DeviceID being searched for

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