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Carbon Black Cloud: How to Troubleshoot Web Console Issues

Carbon Black Cloud: How to Troubleshoot Web Console Issues


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Supported Versions (Formerly CB Defense PSC)


How to troubleshoot web console issues


Please open up a case with CB Support, the case will start with collecting information:

Are there any known outages or performance degradations on the Status page?
  1. Can this issue be reproduced?
    1. If yes, collect a HAR file from Chrome while reproducing and attach to the Support Case
  2. Capture timestamp of when web console issues occurred
  3. Note in the support case what the expected results are versus the actual results

If this issue cannot be solved with CB Support troubleshooting steps, it may need escalation to the CB Engineering team.  Escalation will require information collected in the steps above and may require additional diagnostics including:

  1. Audit Log CSV export
  2. Sensor logs (if issues are related to a device)

Additional Notes

Web console issues can present as:
  1. Events or alerts missing
  2. Dashboard isn't functioning properly
  3. Buttons are broken
  4. Cannot Bypass Sensor
  5. Notifications for Dismissed Alerts

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