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Carbon Black Cloud: Sensors Not Changing Policies After Upgrading to

Carbon Black Cloud: Sensors Not Changing Policies After Upgrading to


  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor:
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions


  • Sensor upgraded
  • After changing policies, error "policy assignment is pending and will be applied when device checks in with console" is shown
  • After multiple check-ins, policy is not changing


  • No connection to
  • Interaction between new AMSI feature and non-EDR deployments.


  1. Confirm connection to is established
  2. For EDR (Formerly CB Threathunter) Customers:
    • If the alarm outlined in step 1 is present this indicates there is a network connection issue. Resolving the network issue will resolve this.
    • If the alarm outlined in step 1 is not present run the "repcli status" command
      Windows PSC Response Policy Revision[81]: Enabled (Datafile2)
      - If (Datafile2) is shown, please contact Carbon Black Support for assistance.
  3. For Non EDR Customers there are two workarounds:
    1. Delete registry key (See Additional Notes):
      1. Place machine into bypass mode
      2. Delete registry key HKLM\software\cbdefense\PscRuleCheck
      3. Disable bypass mode
      4. Request policy change again
    2. Reinstall the 3.6 sensor
An upcoming backend update and sensor release will also resolve this. The policy change will need to be requested again after the update as the first switch is being rejected.

Additional Notes

  • What is the risk of deleting the pscrulecheck registry key?
    • If the sensor has the Enterprise EDR (Formerly CB Threathunter) feature turned on and the sensor doesn't have manifest rules this is not a viable workaround.  The sensor will stop sending EDR events if it doesn't have the manifest rules and this key is deleted.
  • New installations of 3.6 are not effected by this, only upgrades.

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