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Carbon Black Cloud: VDIs are not being auto-deleted

Carbon Black Cloud: VDIs are not being auto-deleted


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: All Supported Versions


VDI sensors are not auto deregistering


VDI clone instances that has had the re-registration script ran multiple times results in the clone becoming the parent which will not be Auto-Deregistrered.


  1. Find devices that can not be auto-deregistered on the Endpoints page using the following query.
    • vdiBaseDevice:* AND isBaseDevice:true
  2. Sensor returned using the the above query will have to be manually uninstalling/deregistered


Additional Notes

  • After policy Auto-DeRegistered is configured it only takes affect moving forward.
  • The customer can also add in criteria to find devices which have not checked in within a certain timeframe by modifying the search above to vdiBaseDevice:* AND isBaseDevice:true AND last_contact_time:<{EpochTimestamp}
  • If this search alone ->  vdiBaseDevice:*    does not return the problem clone, it will not be auto-deregistered and the cloning proceess should be investigated.

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