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Carbon Black Cloud: Xcode build times are slow on macOS

Carbon Black Cloud: Xcode build times are slow on macOS


  • Carbon Black Cloud Web Console: All Versions
  • Carbon Black Cloud macOS Sensor: and higher
  • Apple macOS: 10.14 and higher


  • File-operation intensive commands are slow to execute on Mac developer machines
  • This issue is especially noticeable on multi-core systems performing multi-threaded processing and file intensive tasks, such as Xcode builds
  • A unique characteristic of this issue is that both full sensor bypass and bypass rules do not alleviate the issue
  • Example, “git status” command takes 4-5 seconds to run when the sensor is installed in either active or bypass mode. The command completes in less than 1 second when the sensor is uninstalled


  • A kernel feature that allows the sensor to safely unload KEXT without requiring a macOS reboot, introduces a performance issue when synchronizing low level operations in Apple XNU code
  • Although this feature has been present since macOS 10.6, our investigation shows that more recent macOS internals changes exacerbated this interaction in macOS 10.14 and higher


A permanent fix has been provided in macOS sensor version GA and above.

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