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Cb Defense: Background Scan Remains Disabled On Devices Where VDI=1 Was Used

Cb Defense: Background Scan Remains Disabled On Devices Where VDI=1 Was Used


  • Cb Defense Sensor: All Versions

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: (VDI) Master and Cloned Images



The current sensor code always disables background scan for all master image and cloned VDI devices installed with the required VDI=1 and GROUP_NAME="Virtual Desktops" parameters ignoring the policy settings.


  • The VDI switch is not required for standalone VDI images (persistent or non-persistent) where the sensor was installed after the device was already cloned. If this option was not used to install the sensor, then the "Run background Scan" policy option will be honored.

  • If you are installing the sensor on a a Master VDI Image (persistent or non-persistent) which is subsequently cloned, then Background Scan will never run.

Additional Notes

Carbon Black is planning to adjust the sensor code to honor the "Run background Scan" for the Master Image when it is enabled on the policy. However, the sensor code will continue to ignore the policy settings and keep background scan disabled for all cloned images. This KB will be updated with the sensor release that will contain this fix once it has been confirmed.

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