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Cb Defense: Why Can't I See All Admin Roles When Adding Another Admin?

Cb Defense: Why Can't I See All Admin Roles When Adding Another Admin?


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Why can I not see all of the various Administrator roles possible when sending an invitation to add an additional admin to the Cb Defense Console?



An existing Administrator of an Org can add additional administrators to the Cb Defense Console by sending an invitation. However, an Administrator can only add another Administrator at the same level or below his or her current role. For example, an "Admin" can add another "Admin", but cannot add a Live Response Admin. The Cb Defense Administrator hierarchy is as follows:

  • Live Response (LR) Admin (can add additional administrators to LR Admin, Admin, and View Only roles)
  • Admin (can add additional administrators to Admin and View Only roles)
  • View Only (unable to add administrators)

Additional Notes

The Live Response Admin role was added to Cb Defense with the September '17 release of the Web Console and the 3.0.2.x version of the Sensor.

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