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Cb Inspection installation error "Invalid User Information"

Cb Inspection installation error "Invalid User Information"


Cb Inspection 2.2.0


Installation wizard throws error "Invalid User Information - Do you wish to try again?" when entering the Server URL, User API Token and Cb Collective Defense Cloud Activation Token


When running the installer, it will throw the error "Invalid User Information" repeated and even restarting does not correct the issue.


One or more entries into the wizard were incorrect or invalid, so the installer will fail until the correct information can be entered. The installer creates a user.json file in the C:\program files (x86)\Bit9\Integrations\Cb Inspection location. This file holds the encrypted values of these entries and if one or more is incorrect, the value will show as 'null' in the user.json file. Upon next installation attempt, the installer will ask you to try to re-enter the correct information.


Option 1: You can delete the user.json file and start the installation from scratch.

Option 2: Try to re-enter the values the installer is asking for, making sure all values are copied correctly and spelling is 100% correct.


If the installer keeps failing when trying to enter the Cb Collective Defense Cloud Activation Token, contact Support because the activation tokens are one-time use. It's possible the activation token had been consumed and Support will need to regenerate a new token. If the Server URL is failing, please refer to the Cb Inspection installation guide, because the URL must be a FQDN and IP addresses are not accepted.

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