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Cb Protection: “Unable to Access Rules XML” Error

Cb Protection: “Unable to Access Rules XML” Error


Cb Protection Console: All Supported Versions


  • "Unable to access rules XML" Error when accessing Rules > Policies > Mappings tab within console
  • Cb Protection Server service crashes while trying to access mappings (seen in Event Viewer - System logs)


A group or OU that a policy mapping points to, no longer exists within Active Directory.


  1. Login to the Cb Protection server.
  2. Open Services > Stop the CB Protection Server service
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Server\scripts.
  4. Open the 'adrules.xml' with Notepad
  5. Remove any mappings that are no longer applicable and save the file
  6. Open SQL Mgmt Studio and run the following query to clear the DB copy of the file:
    use das; delete dbo.file_streams where name = 'adrules.xml'
  1. Start the CB Protection Server service

Additional Notes

Carbon Black has identified this issue internally as EP-4090

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