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EDR: Check-in Interval for Sensors to Server

EDR: Check-in Interval for Sensors to Server


  • EDR Server: All versions (formerly CB Response)


What is the check-in interval for sensors to the EDR server? 


That's defined on /etc/cb/cb.conf. 
  • SensorCheckinDelayVariancePct 
Default: 0.1 
Smoothing factor for determining the next check-in for individual sensors. For example, if calculated check-in offset (which is calculated at runtime based on the number of active sensors, divided by SensorCheckinDelayRate) is 60, and SensorCheckinDelayVariancePct is 0.1, then actual next sensor check-in time is 60 +- 6. This helps to distribute sensor check-ins evenly. 
  • SensorCheckinDelayRate 
Default: 100 
Sets the maximum number of check-ins per second, per minion. 
  • SensorCheckinDelaySecOverride 
Default: 0 (off) 
Overrides the calculated check-in delay. 
  • CoreServicesMaxCheckinInterval 
Default: 1335 
Configures the maximum interval, in seconds, between successive sensor check-ins from a single sensor. Raising this value decreases the load on the server, as there are fewer sensor check-ins and fewer modifications to the event store. 
  • CoreServicesSmallScaleSensorCount
Default: 25
If the number of sensors that are currently active is less than this value, the sensor checkin interval is always 30 seconds. If it is greater, Cb Response calculates a dynamic checkin interval.
  • MinSensorCheckinDelaySec
Default: 30
This is the minimum number of seconds that the Sensors will wait before checking in again.

Additional Notes

The smallest dynamic checkin interval for a sensor is 30 seconds

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