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EDR: How To Upgrade the CB-Event-Forwarder

EDR: How To Upgrade the CB-Event-Forwarder


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How to upgrade the CB-Event-Forwarder


  1. Backup the existing configuration:
mkdir /root/cb-event-forwarder_bak && cp /etc/cb/integrations/event-forwarder/* /root/cb-event-forwarder_bak/
ls /root/cb-event-forwarder_bak/
  cb-event-forwarder.conf  cb-event-forwarder.conf.bak
  1. Run the command to upgrade:
yum -y update cb-event-forwarder
  1. Restart the CB Event Forwarder service to ensure the changes are pushed through, run the commands based on the OS version:
  • CentOS 6.x
service cb-event-forwarder stop
service cb-event-forwarder start
  • CentOS 7.x/8.x
systemctl stop cb-event-forwarder
systemctl start cb-event-forwarder

Additional Notes

If a repo error is faced during the upgrade, the CBOpenSource repo may need to be reinstalled:
EDR : Error getting repository data for CbOpenSource while upgrading Event Forwarder

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