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Endpoint Standard: How To Download Legacy Sensor for Windows XP/Server 2003

Endpoint Standard: How To Download Legacy Sensor for Windows XP/Server 2003


  • Endpoint Standard Windows Sensor: Version 1.0.x
  • Windows XP 32-bit
  • Windows Server 2003 32-bit



I still have some legacy Windows XP/Server 2003 systems in my environment. How can I obtain the legacy Cb Defense Sensor for Windows XP/Server 2003 that has reached End of Life back in December of 2016 and is no longer available for download via Sensor Management (formerly Enrollment) in Cb Defense UI?



  • The last and final generally available version of Cb Defense Sensor for Windows XP/Server 2003 is attached to this document.
  • The sensor is environment-specific; Make sure to download the correct installer that corresponds with your Cb Defense login URL.



Zip/Archive SHA256: 9f2ca3ac952b9c4b9f00142a5f84ea4a9aef67d0ec8c48244664e1508d8d1164

MSI installer SHA256: 9996b8db90e0f18ef0c1fc615757c9ff8f577166a9f3019be656952335729dec



Zip/Archive SHA256: ace72bfadd2f050a9a74f5146c240268963d65c723665dbb862b7b21a38ef2ba

MSI installer SHA-256: 26d6f469b7ec854f2ba2eaafc8fcbd886ed4a6033e77b3f3999a5001251ed386



Zip/Archive SHA256: 31bc7e4c53a77ac711d24ff0f91de762deacd1a512b5c1fd2ccec5e5262af88b

MSI installer SHA-256: f1fbfcf2cc94415a42b7114abb0f53750c8f8890cdb1983f539d4c5447cbb9e9



Zip/Archive SHA256: ef838193ff7352e6b83e11c817339fed9ee61fa4d0615429cc6e16a104053e3b

MSI installer SHA-256: f5d6af273441cdb219aff0384fe076cf71be27ace74e7ef53f705bfbbf56d2f4


Additional Notes

  • These unsupported Sensor builds are only available for the Backends/Points of Presence (PoPs) listed above and are not available for any other PoP
  • No support or updates are available for the legacy sensor version provided in this article. For more information on the limitations imposed by the End of Life status of the Windows XP/Server 2003 sensor please see  Cb Defense Sensor Support Policy​.
  • 64-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 were never supported by Endpoint Standard (was Cb Defense) and there is no sensor available for those.
  • A number of new features, including Local Scanner and Advanced Ransomware Protection, have been introduced inEndpoint Standard (was Cb Defense) Windows sensor versions 2.x and 3.x enhancing the protections offered by the product. Those features are not available with 1.x sensor. For more information, please see Cb Defense version Release Notes​, Cb Defense 3.0 Windows Release Notes​.
  • Per Windows XP End of Support​, Windows XP has reached End of Support on 4/8/2014.
  • Per Windows Server 2003 End of Support​, Windows Server 2003 has reached End of Support on 7/14/2015.
  • To maintain good security posture we recommend upgrading any Windows XP/Server 2003 systems to a more modern/supported Windows OS as soon as possible.


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