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Hostpkg web page is not accessible

Hostpkg web page is not accessible






Issue / Symptoms:


The installers on the hostpkg web page https://<Bit9 server name>/hostpkg)is not available and Bit9 agent installer files are not getting generated.





The Bit9 server was re-installed on a different partition and created a blank DAS database. The backup DAS database is then restored to overwrite the blank DAS database. The backup DAS database is still referencing the old partition, so the Parity Server service is unable to generate the installers on the new partition.





Keep the restored DAS database and uninstall the Parity Server application. Re-install the Parity Server application and use the new partition. When prompted for the database, reference the existing and restored DAS database. The database reference to the old partition will be updated as the installation completes.

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