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Partner Process: How to Open a Case as a Supporting Partner

Partner Process: How to Open a Case as a Supporting Partner


  • Supporting Partner Opening a Case
  • Any Supported Product


How to open a case using the case template.


Copy and paste this template into the initial case comments written when opening a case.
  1. Partner Internal Case Number (If Applicable):
  2. Customer company name:
  3. Impacted Product:
  4. For EDR/Hosted EDR/CB Response cases ONLY:
    1. On prem or Cloud:
    2. Instance alias:
  5. For Carbon Black Cloud cases ONLY:
    1. Production environment:
    2. orgID:
    3. Sensor Name/ID
  6. Server version:
  7. Sensor version:
  8. Number of sensors impacted:
  9. OS of impacted endpoints:
  10. Issue start time:
  11. Issue description:
  12. Are additional AV/Security Products installed: Yes/No
  13. AV exclusion in place and verified to be correct: Yes/No
  14. If AV exclusions have been verified are they the most current recommended exclusion  
  15. Keywords searched on the User eXchange:
  16. Troubleshooting steps done so far in Partner Support case:
  17. Logs collected:
  18. Log findings from Partner Support Review:

Additional Notes

The information requested above applies to all cases for all products.  Providing as much of this information as possible at the time the case is opened will shorten the time to engineering involvement and case resolution.

This template is recommended for customer, but mandatory for Supporting Partners.

This template is now included on the case creation page on the User Exchange.

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