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What Are the New Carbon Black Product Names After VMware Acquisition?

What Are the New Carbon Black Product Names After VMware Acquisition?


  • All Carbon Black Products
  • Post-VMware acquisition


What are the new names of Carbon Black products following its acquisition by VMware?


PlatformCarbon Black Predictive Security Cloud (Predictive Security Cloud, PSC, CB PSC)VMware Carbon Black Cloud (Carbon Black Cloud, CBC, CB Cloud)
ProductCarbon Black Defense (CB Defense, CBD)VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Standard (Endpoint Standard)
ProductCarbon Black LiveOps (CB LiveOps, CBLO)VMware Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation (Audit and Remediation)
ProductCarbon Black ThreatHunter (CB ThreatHunter, CBTH)VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR (Enterprise EDR)
ProductCarbon Black ThreatSight (CB ThreatSight, CBTS)VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection (Managed Detection)
BundleCB Defense + CB LiveOpsVMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Advanced
BundleCB Defense + CB LiveOps + CB ThreatHunterVMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Enterprise
BundleCB Defense for VMware + VMware AppDefenseVMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload
BundleCB Defense + CB LiveOps + VMware Workspace ONE IntelligenceVMware Workspace Security
ProductCarbon Black Protection (CB Protection, CBP)VMware Carbon Black App Control (App Control)
ProductCarbon Black Response (CB Response, CBR)VMware Carbon Black EDR (EDR)
ProductCarbon Black Response Cloud (CB Response Cloud, CBRC)VMware Carbon Black Hosted EDR (Hosted EDR)

Additional Notes

The product names are being changed gradually throughout various sites, documents and components of the products themselves. Please excuse any discrepancies until the process is completed fully. 

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