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What database maintenance is required for DAS?

What database maintenance is required for DAS?


6.0.x, 7.x.


This document answers most commonly asked question regarding maintenance of the Bit9 database (DAS).


Question 1

What database maintenance is required for DAS?

Answer 1

The Bit9 database (DAS) is self-maintained, no outside maintenance is necessary other than archiving the database for disaster recovery purposes. The maintenance tasks are run as Stored Procedures in the DAS database and must not be modified.

Maintenance Tasks

Scheduled tasks are run, by the "Parity Reporter" service, at different times and at different frequencies. The two main tasks are:

Daily database maintenance

This consists of several stored procedures that

- Collect usage and performance statistics and aggregate counts

- Cleanup old files/events/computers

It calls single stored procedure: DailyPruneTask and runs at midnight every day. Typical duration is under one hour.

Weekly database maintenance

This task defragments indices and recreates database statistics. It calls single stored procedure: performDatabaseMaintenance and runs at 4AM every Saturday. Typical duration is several hours.

Question 2

Is it recommended to do our own database indexing and pruning on the DAS database?

Answer 2

No. It's not recommended because it could potentially corrupt and data in the DAS database. Also, These tasks are already included in the scheduled Database Maintenance described above.

Important Notes

If you have enabled the Drift Report function there will be another task that runs periodically to rebuild the drift reports (every 4 hours for each drift report). The duration of the task depends on number and complexity of defined drift reports.

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