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Determine local administrator accounts

Description: Retrieves a list of local administrator accounts.

What The Data Shows: Finds local accounts that are in the administrator group.


SELECT username, groupname, type, u.UID, g.GID, Description, comment 
FROM users u
JOIN user_groups ug ON ug.UID = u.UID
JOIN groups g ON g.GID = ug.GID
WHERE g.GROUPNAME = "Administrators"
AND u.type = "local";
New Contributor II

Yes GID 555. 

In the 2nd query I left out "local" statement to see if I could get all users to try and pick up any AD accounts. Is that possible? 

Carbon Black Employee
Status changed to: Under Review

@wmorse please email me at so we can set up a time to review as I think it may be easier to troubleshoot 

New Contributor II


I tried it and it works great, Thank you!!

I am not a coder so seeking help, is it possible to modify it to try few common passwords on the identified admin account or even all account?



Carbon Black Employee

@techlab That is not possible with Audit and Remediation.

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@jnelson Thanks 

Is it possible with other CB product?

Also it would be very helpful if you can direct me towards online resource which explains difference between all CB products/components/solutions.

Carbon Black Employee

@techlab I am sorry, but no CB products are capable of testing passwords.

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