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Manual Intervention Required for Upcoming Workload Appliance 1.0.2

Manual Intervention Required for Upcoming Workload Appliance 1.0.2

With the upcoming release of appliance version 1.0.2 (available 04-01-2021), changes have been made that require manual intervention for the upgrade to succeed. Any automatically scheduled upgrade attempts will fail until action has been taken. Please take the below steps to prepare for its release.


  1. Make sure the root password is not expired:
  2. Download and extract the attached .sh file
  3. Transfer the .sh file to the appliance using command:

    scp <Location_Of_Extracted_SH_File> admin@<Appliance_VM_IP>:
    admin@<Appliance_VM_IP>'s password:

    pscp -scp -P 22 <Location_Of_Extracted_SH_File> admin@<IP>:
    admin@<Appliance_VM_IP>'s password:
  4. SSH to the appliance VM using admin credentials and switch to root user:

    ssh admin@<Appliance_VM_IP>
    Warning: Permanently added '<Appliance_VM_IP>' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
    admin@<Appliance_VM_IP>'s password:
    admin@<Appliance_VM_IP> [ ~ ]$ su -
    root@<Appliance_VM_IP> [ ~ ]#
  5. Change the permissions of the file make it executable: 

    chmod +x /home/admin/
  6. Execute the script: 

    $ ./
    Sample output:
    Updating config...
    Restarting appliance worker service...  Settings updated successfully! 


To confirm when the next upgrade attempt will be (post release):

  1. From your browser, log in to the Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance at https://<appliance IP address>
  2. Go to the Appliance > Upgrade page.
  3. The configurable day and time for the next attempt will be listed. Any error upgrades will also be presented here.
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