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Announcing General Availability of the CB App Control 8.7.14 Linux Agent

Announcing General Availability of the CB App Control 8.7.14 Linux Agent

The Carbon Black team is pleased to announce the general availability of the 8.7.14 Linux agent. 

New and Modified Features in Release 8.7.14

The Carbon Black App Control Linux Agent 8.7.14 provides the following improvements and enhancements:

  • Revised Support for RHEL 8.7, specifically the 4.18.0-425.10.1 RHEL maintenance update.
  • Resolved customer defects, please see "Resolved Defects" in the release notes.

Release Notes and Downloads

For related documentation and downloads regarding this new version of the Linux agent please visit the official announcement on VMware Docs.

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Has anyone experienced failures when attempting to upload the 8.7.14 agent to the management server?

We did.  I don't remember the exact error but it seemed to go through the process and then at the very end fail.  We ended up installing the agent locally on the CB server and that seemed to work.  We just did this yesterday. 

I will throw out a word of caution on our experience.  We had no issues with the new agent on REHL 7.  REHL 8 is a different story.  Any policy above disabled eventually took the server offline -- emergency mode -- down.  Removing the CB agent would resolve the issue.  We're dealing with that this morning so haven't done much more at this point other than removing the agent and reinstalling with disabled mode policy.


Hi jonmayenk, you can extract the zip and run the executable locally on the App C server per this KB.

The Linux Agent Installer was incorrectly signed which caused the console upload to fail.

Correctly signed Linux Agent Installer 8.7.14 will be published shortly on the doc site.

Thank you @carolynbounds and @vg for the information! Much appreciated :)

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