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CB Protection Linux Agent Installer v7.4.6

CB Protection Linux Agent Installer v7.4.6

June 17, 2020 - CB Protection Linux Agent 7.4.6

Below you will find a link to 7.4.6 Linux Host Package Installer, upload this to your CB Protection Server and from there you can deploy 7.4.6 to your Linux agents!

Note: The 7.4.6 Host Package Installer can only be used in conjunction with the CB Protection server v8.1.4 or later.

The build: - Release

SHA-256 Hash: 787C93BF742B02E15B65FED891BD8F1DFD18A4A130F93AA30158630D2B4299AF

Click here to download 

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Using the Download link results in a 400 Bad Request error. How do I get this download?

@larry0604 generally clearing cache or using a different browser will fix.

EDIT: or if using Chrome an incognito browser usually does the trick.

Thanks! Used a different browser, Edge Chromium, and cleared the browser.

Tried different browsers on different computers but I am getting 403 error on all of them.

Hello @jaswinder16 - since usually a 403 indicates a cookie issue, I am surprised you could not get any browser to work.  I would suggest clearing cookies on a browser prior to downloading or using an incognito browser.

Thank you -- Ed

Hey Guys, just installed 2 separate Cb Protection servers , uploaded the Windows 8.1.8 and Linux 7.4.6 Agent Installers, both consoles display Linux as unknown in the system health/ product configuration and state it is an old version and consider upgrading to version Is this a misconfiguration on or is there a bug in Server ?

@Caveman  I believe this KB will help explain what you're seeing:

Hope this helps.

- Barbara

 @bwuchte  yes it does help, thanks ;-)    any eta on Linux 8.5.x agent ?

"upload this to your CB Protection Server"


Anywhere in particular? 

@hoxsiea The downloaded .exe can be executed from anywhere on the Protection server. 

I'm getting 403 attempting download as well - tried IE and FireFox, private/incognito window and not.  Windows client downloads fine.  What gives?

HTTP Status 403 -

type Status report

description Access to the specified resource has been forbidden.

Chrome gives error status 403.

Microsoft Edge gives error status 403

Microsoft I.E gives error status 403.


please help, all i need to do is just need to download your software.

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