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Carbon Black Cloud Sensor Support

Carbon Black Cloud Sensor Support


Support information for each Carbon Black Cloud Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. This UEX page will no longer be updated. Please see:

The following Carbon Black Cloud sensor versions are currently supported as Standard or Extended. Standard support includes maintenance releases and technical support. Extended provides technical support only.

For information about CB Response sensors and CB Protection agents, see CB Response sensors & CB Protection agents.

For more information, see the CB Defense Sensor Support Policy and the Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status. 

Carbon Black operating system support policy


Is there a document version of this information?  Web pages are notoriously difficult to add to RFP responses.

Came here from the Windows Server OS support page looking for the Sensor version release notes. The link said "To view all PSC sensor versions", but I see no sensor version here or any way to get to them.

Regarding this page:

Is there an available date so i know when the "latest sensor" and release notes were released?  Some of the "fixed" items look promising but not so much if i don't know the date and maybe we're already on the latest version.  thanks!

I am trying to install a sensor on a workstation but when I run the installer it asks for an email. Any suggestions as to why its asking me for an email?

@perezj - Normally when running the installer it would ask for a code that was provided in an email, but the Company Code may also be used (For 3.6+ Windows Only Sensors), as documented here...

If there are still issues with the install, please log a Support case with Technical Support for further review.

Does this limitation: apply to the Carbon Black Cloud sensors as well?

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