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App Control: File Explorer Hangs or Freezes After Agent Upgrade to 8.7 or Higher

App Control: File Explorer Hangs or Freezes After Agent Upgrade to 8.7 or Higher


App Control Agent: 8.7.0 - 8.7.6


  • App Control agent was recently upgraded to 8.7+
  • File Explorer takes several minutes to open or load a window
  • Outlook performance/search is very slow
  • Windows search is very slow


The root cause for this has been determined to be a interop issue between the App C agent and "SearchIndexer.exe"


This issue will be fixed in the 8.7.8 release with the following available workaround:
  1. Navigate to https://CBSERVER/agent_config.php
  2. Click "Add Agent Config"
    Property Name: Interop Fix - SearchIndexer.exe
    Host ID: 0 
    Platform: Windows 
    Status: Enabled
    Create for: All or specified polices 
    Save it
  3. Verify that the agents are Up to Date

Additional Notes

  • Current ETA for the 8.7.8 release is mid to end of July
  • The exclusion for "SearchIndexer.exe" stops the agent from tracking all file operations except Executions for this process (e.g. Create/Write/Modify)
  • Therefore, when SearchIndexer executes an Unapproved or Banned file, the operations will still get blocked
  • This issue is often seen when OneDrive is enabled
  • If the config "disabled_features=OneDriveFilesOnDemandSupport" was previously added to fix this issue, it can now be disabled on the Agent_config.php page

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