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App Control: How To Manually Run the DailyPruneTask Stored Procedure

App Control: How To Manually Run the DailyPruneTask Stored Procedure


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft SQL Server: All Supported Versions


 How to manually run the DailyPruneTask stored procedure.


  1. Login to the application server hosting the Console as the Carbon Black Service Account.
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and login using Windows Authentication.
  3. Execute the following script to verify the task_id of the DailyPruneTask:
    use das;
    select * from dbo.scheduled_tasks where task = 'DailyPruneTask'
  4. Execute the following script, by first adjusting the task_id found in Step 3:
    use das;
    EXEC dbo.DailyPruneTask @task_id = 'Step3_task_id'

Additional Notes

  • This task should not need to be executed manually, as it is scheduled to execute automatically.
  • This task will require the Service Account correctly have permissions in the SQL Database.
  • This task could take several hours to complete, and should only be executed during an appropriate maintenance window or as otherwise directed by Support.
  • This task will prune files that meet all conditions for Zero Prevalence specified in the PurgeAntibodiesPeriodsDays parameter.

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