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CB Defense: How to Edit Custom RBAC Roles (Beta)

CB Defense: How to Edit Custom RBAC Roles (Beta)


  • CB Defense PSC Console: March '19 Release and later (0.45)


Edit existing custom RBAC roles


  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles (beta) in the PSC Console
  2. Click the Edit button to the right of the role name
  3. Make changes as desired and click Save

Additional Notes

  • Users will only be able to assign permissions to a role that is assigned to their own role
  • For example, a user with an assigned role of System Admin will not be able to assign the LR Admin or Super Admin roles (or even view those Roles)
  • Users will only be able to view custom roles that include permissions their own role has been assigned
  • Users must have the Manage Users and Manage Roles permission assigned to their role to be able to perform the above actions

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