CB Protection: How to Restart an Agent Locally?

CB Protection: How to Restart an Agent Locally?


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To Restart the Agent Locally Using the Windows Command Line


1.) Open an elevated command prompt and navigate to the Parity Agent directory.
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Bit9\Parity Agent

2.) Then run the following commands:
dascli password {CLI or Global password here}
dascli tamperprotect 0

3.) Then check the status of the service and the driver:
sc query parity (to check for service status)
sc query paritydriver (to check for driver status)
fltmc (to check if paritydriver is loaded)
fltmc instance (to check on paritydriver instances)

4.) Unload the parity driver
fltmc unload paritydriver

5.) Stop then start the service
net stop parity
net start parity

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