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CBC API: What are the Sensor State values?

CBC API: What are the Sensor State values?


  • Carbon Black Cloud API


  • What are the Sensor State values?


Sensor State value returnedMeaning
PANICS_DETECTEDSensor is not functioning due to panics registered on the Sensor
LOOP_DETECTEDSensor recognizes it is stuck in a processing loop and not able to function normally
DB_CORRUPTION_DETECTEDSensor sees the local hash database is corrupted and not able to check hashes for reputation
SENSOR_UNREGISTEREDSensor was installed in offline mode so it has not registered on the backend yet
WATCHDOGnot implemented
SENSOR_RESET_IN_PROGRESSSensor is refreshing Policy Rules and local information, will restart the Services so for that brief moment the Sensor is not functioning normally
SENSOR_SHUTDOWNSensor is shutting down due to powering off of Device, will try to send message to backend for this happening
SENSOR_MAINTENANCEBackend sends this during maintenance, Sensor limits traffic to look-ups of Reputation and status checks
DEBUG_MODE_ENABLED Sensor was installed with parameter to enable different logging options
AUTO_UPDATE_DISABLEDSensor was installed with parameter to disable automatic Sensor Versions updates
SELF_PROTECT_DISABLEDSensor was installed with parameter that effects tamper protection
VDI_MODE_ENABLEDSensor was installed with parameter that flags the Device as VDI
POC_MODE_ENABLEDSensor is in an Org that is in PoC mode that limits number of active Sensors
SECURITY_CENTER_OPTLN_DISABLED Sensor was installed with parameter that disables the Windows Security Center
LIVE_RESPONSE_KILLED Live Response session was terminated
CB_FIREWALL_INACTIVESensor's Firewall is inactive

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