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Enterprise EDR: How Frequently are Watchlist Feeds Updated?

Enterprise EDR: How Frequently are Watchlist Feeds Updated?


  • Enterprise EDR Console: All Versions


How Often are Watchlist Feeds Modified? 


  • How frequently the watchlist feed is updated depends on the feed in question. 
  • Some watchlist feeds are rare to update, as they are looking for behaviors that do not change very often. 
  • Other watchlist feeds like 'TOR IP list' receive an update every 30 minutes. 

Additional Notes

  • Navigate to Console >> Enforce (Watchlists) >> Select  Watchlist Report >> Drill-down to report name>> The recent timestamp of last update will appear on the right hand side of the report name. 
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  • Example: Execution - Command And Scripting Interpreter Execution Last updated:9:59:15am, Mar 1, 2022     

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