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Carbon Black Cloud: Getting Started With Management Best Practices

Carbon Black Cloud: Getting Started With Management Best Practices


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console: All Versions
  • Carbon Black Cloud Sensor: All Supported Versions


Are there any best practices or resources available for getting started with Carbon Black Cloud?


Yes, there are a number of introductory resources containing guides, processes, and training for Carbon Black Cloud.
  1. Create an account and enroll in the complimentary Carbon Black Cloud training course from VMware Customer Connect Learning.
  2. Review the following feature-specific Tuning and Best Practices Guides, authored by members of the Professional Services team.
  3. Explore the Carbon Black Cloud demos on VMware TechZone.
  4. Refer to VMware Docs for documentation regarding product administration, features, and updates.
  5. Ensure machines are always running supported versions of the Carbon Black Cloud Sensor.
  6. When triaging Alerts, refer to the following documentation.

Additional Notes

  • Additional paid training courses for Carbon Black Cloud can be found and enrolled in on VMware MyLearn.
  • The User Exchange Knowledgebase should be searched for additional troubleshooting and issue resolution articles published by the Technical Support team.
  • Extensive configuration requests, such as auditing security posture, conducting product training, and performing threat analysis, fall outside the scope of VMware Carbon Black Technical Support.
  • Some requests outside the scope of Technical Support, such as developing, testing and deploying custom rules, or performing health assessments, can be addressed by the Professional Services team.

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