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Carbon Black Cloud: What URLs are used to access the APIs?

Carbon Black Cloud: What URLs are used to access the APIs?


  • Carbon Black Cloud (was Predictive Security Cloud or PSC)
    • Endpoint Standard (was CB Defense)
    • Enterprise EDR (was CB ThreatHunter)
    • Audit & Remediation (was CB LiveOps)


What URLs are used to access the APIs for VMware Carbon Black Cloud?


Environment (AWS Region)Dashboard/API URLDevice Services URLEvent Forwarder {{environment}}
Prod01 (us-east-1)'https://dashboard.confer.net/'https://devices.confer.netdashboard.confer.net
Prod02 (us-east-1)'https://defense.conferdeploy.net/'https://dev5.conferdeploy.net defense.conferdeploy.net
Prod05 (us-east-1)'https://defense-prod05.conferdeploy.net/'https://dev-prod05.conferdeploy.netdefense-prod05.conferdeploy.net
Prod06 (eu-central-1)'https://defense-eu.conferdeploy.net/'https://dev-prod06.conferdeploy.netdefense-eu.conferdeploy.net
ProdNRT (ap-northwest-1)'https://defense-prodnrt.conferdeploy.net/'https://dev-prodnrt.conferdeploy.netdefense-prodnrt.conferdeploy.net
ProdSYD (ap-southeast-2)'https://defense-prodsyd.conferdeploy.net/'https://dev-prodsyd.conferdeploy.netdefense-prodsyd.conferdeploy.net
UK Point of Presence (eu-west-2)'https://ew2.carbonblackcloud.vmware.com/'https://ew2-device.carbonblackcloud.vmware.com/ew2.carbonblackcloud.vmware.com

Additional Notes

  • If you experience any issues using the API, please open a Support case
  • Device Services is used for Sensor-to-Server communication
  • All APIs have been consolidated to use the same URL, and as such the API URL column has been removed to reduce confusion (22-Jul-2020). It will additionally be deprecated and no longer function at a later date.
  • For a more complete list, see Carbon Black Cloud API Access - Carbon Black Developer Network

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